House of Gjuro Prejac

Visit the house of Gjuro Prejac, meet his hologram, listen to an old record player, test your conducting skills and try out the touch of multimedia.

About Gjuro Prejac

Gjuro Prejac was born on November 25, 1870 in Desinić, and he was in daily contact with music from an early age.

Our Prejac was a composer, actor, director and singer. However, his activities extend beyond these areas. In short, he was a versatile and innovative artist. An artist who left an indelible mark on Croatian culture. An artist who made his first steps right in this place, right in this house. Enjoy discovering and learning about his life. Enjoy the creativity of our man from Desinić, enjoy this area, this beautiful blue orchard.

Hologram and gramophone

Meet the hologram of Gjuro Prejac and listen to old Zagorje songs on a record player.

Gjuro Prejac will welcome you to his home and introduce you to his life with some of his songs, which you can listen to on an old record player and enjoy.

Virtual conductor

Find out if you have a real conductor hiding inside of you.

Test your conducting skills with a fun game! Grab the conductor's baton, give the performers the right tempo when they start playing, and find out if you have the talent for a conductor :)

Visit us

For visits during the week, the House is open from 7 AM to 3 PM.